Task Manager

New Task

Add a task by clicking 'New Task' located on the top left side of your screen. This will open a new task template where you will get started.


Creating a Task

Give your task a title along with a short description. You can associate the task with a client by selecting one from the drop-down. And if you have multiple team members you may assign the task to that person by selecting someone. Lastly, give the task a due date so everyone is on the same page.


The Task Manager

The top row allows you to filter your tasks by Active Tasks, Completed Tasks, Task Due Today, Tasks that are Late and All Tasks.


Viewing Task Details

When you select a task from the list, you will be able to view the details. You are able to view who it's assigned to and when it's due. From this view, you are also able to mark the task as complete or add to the description. If you hover over the task name located above the details, you can edit the name as well.