Community Lead Alert

Starting a Lead Alert

To get started with the Community Lead Alert, you want to click on the Placement Button.


Finding Communities

Selecting the Find Communities button will take you to this screen, where you can search by name or location while also giving it a search radius. We recommend using zip codes as it's the most accurate.

Once you have entered a search are, any communities within that area will show up on the right side. From here you are able to view the name of the community and address. On the bottom of the community card you will notice two buttons: Recommend and Manage.


Recommending a Community

Selecting Recommend is just that, you are recommending to the family that this is a suitable place for their loved one to move into, based on their needs. 

Selecting Manage allows you to go to the Community Profile; where you can add pictures, create a contact, add a description and leave notes.


Send Lead Alert Email

Once you have selected the communities best suited for your client, you are then able to either send the recommended list to the family for review or send the lead alert out to the communities selected.



Select Communities to Email

After selecting Send Lead Alert Emails you are then taken to this screen. Here you will need to add the community to the email by selecting the white button with a plus located to the left of the name and phone number. After selecting the button, it will change to a blue button with an envelope indicating that the community will be emailed a lead alert.

You are also able to edit or add a community contact. This is important because this is the contact in which you will be emailing the lead alert. Once you have added all the communities and have all the appropriate contacts select the Configure Email located at the bottom right side of the screen.



Configure Lead Alert Email

In the Email Configuration portion, we give you the chance to start with a custom greeting that you are able to change based on your client and their family. Next, you will see a button that allows you to include the family's contact information or not. 

As you continue to scroll down, we easily give you the option to add notes, select their ADLs and give a bit more information to better help the community understand your client and their needs. Once complete, scroll to the bottom of the screen and select Confirm and Send.


Configure Lead Alert Email

Before you send out the Email you can review everything to make sure it's all correct. On the left side are the Email greeting, contact information inclusion and the facilities you will be emailing the lead alert. Once you have reviewed the email, scroll to the bottom and pres the Send Lead Alert Email Now button.